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News: BioMutant special editions are available for pre-order

THQ Nordic announced the ‘Atomic Edition’ and ‘Collector’s Edition’ for its upcoming splice-em-up game BioMutant, and each comes with a hefty helping of swag (via Twitter).

Obviously both will include a copy of BioMutant, but the Collector’s Edition offers a figurine of the fox-thing, the official soundtrack and the game’s cover art printed on fabric, all packaged in a premium box.


The Atomic Edition gets you the official soundtrack and the game’s cover art, but also a steelbook, a high detail diorama, a t-shirt and a big mousepad. I’m hoping the mousepad is bundled up with a pun of some sort, because you know, mouse pad. And BioMutant is about grafting and upgrading the mutant character with different animal adaptations. Anyway, all of this comes in a nice box too.


The Collector’s Edition will set you back £99.99 for PC or £109.99 for consoles. The Atomic Edition will cost £349.99 for everyone, regardless of their platform of choice, because equality is important.

BioMutant is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Watch the gameplay trailer below.


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