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Destiny 2 The Lie Quest Guide: How To Earn Felwinter's Lie

The weekly reset on May 12 has brought something new to Destiny 2: a quest called The Lie. It starts with a big community event that requires players to band together and complete Seraph Tower events all over the solar system, but according to one dataminer, it should end with the return of the Destiny 1 legendary shotgun, Felwinter’s Lie.

We’ll have to wait for everyone in Destiny 2 to clear enough Seraph Tower events in the EDZ and on Io and the Moon to access the next steps. In the meantime, though, here’s what you can expect from the rest of The Lie, according to Destiny 2 dataminer Ginsor.

The Lie Quest Steps

Warmind Evaluation

The first portion of the quest requires you to visit Ana Bray, who says that the warmind Rasputin has information it wants to give you–but not before the situation with the Almighty, the threat that has loomed over the entire Season of the Worthy, has been satisfactorily dealt with. To get it handled, you and the rest of the Destiny 2 community need to head to the EDZ, Io, and the Moon, and complete Seraph Tower activities.

This one’s going to be a grind, as the datamining info says that, as a community, Guardians need to complete 3 million Seraph Tower events in each location. That’s going to take a while, it seems.

One of Many

After completing “Warmind Evaluation,” you’ll head back to Ana Bray for an update on the situation. It sounds like we could be getting some new story info during this step, based on what Ana said at the start of this mission about Rasputin wanting to talk with the Guardian.


The next step will send you to Vostok, the Destiny 2 Crucible map. That map is a portion of Felwinter Peak, where the Iron Lords’ fortress is located. We haven’t visited that location (outside of the Crucible) since Destiny 1. When you head to Vostok, you’ll be investigating “energy signatures” at coordinates given to you by Rasputin. It sounds like the mission will be similar to the Season of Dawn one that took place on the Twilight Gap Crucible map.

Shotgun Telemetry

This one is apparently another grind-heavy step, requiring you to rack up shotgun kills on the road to unlocking Felwinter’s Lie. According to Ginsor, you’ll need 1,000 kills in total to move on from this step.

Lunar Trip

Once the shotgun work is done, you’ll go to Rasputin’s bunker on the moon for a meeting–presumably with more story information.

Warmind Heuristics

The final step sounds like a mission: “Investigate one of Rasputin’s closest-held secrets.” That’ll likely give another bit of lore information before finally awarding players the Felwinter’s Life legendary shotgun. But we won’t know what it entails until we get there.

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